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Help & Info about Amazon Music for PC for windows

  • Is the Amazon Music for PC software free?

    Amazon Music for PC software is free to download and use, but its usefulness is limited if you do not pay for a subscription. There is more than one type of subscription you can choose from, but if you wish to use the Amazon Music for PC software to its fullest on your PC, then you will need an Amazon Prime membership at least.
  • What is the Amazon Music program?

    Amazon Music Unlimited is music subscription service that has over 40 millions songs, and in order to use it you need their free software. There are thousands of programmed stations and playlists that you gain access to if you use their software. Amazon Music Unlimited allows you to listen to your music anywhere, you can use this service on your Fire TV, Amazon Echo, Smartphone, PC/Mac and your tablet. You can create your own favourites playlist, download music and listen to it with this program. When you are offline, you won't ever have to deal with listening to ads. If you are already a Prime member, you will be able to buy a monthly subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited.
  • What is the age limit that a family member can be on the family plan?

    To be on the family plan everyone must be at least 13 years of age or over. The company doesn't take responsibility for what teenagers download or use the software for.
  • Who is the main account holder who pays for the family plan?

    Whoever the family member is who signed up for the family plan, he or she is the main account holder and is tasked with paying for the entire plan. The account holder can make the payments either using a debit or credit card. Once the payment has been made, the service is then shared with the other family members who are on the same family plan.
  • Can we share family plan account?

    Family plan account cannot be shared with people who are not registered and who are not part of the family. They know who is who because each family member have Amazon accounts that include personal information.
  • How many family members can be on the family plan?

    Up to six family members can join the family plan, you can all listen to your music at the same time.
  • Can we all have our own personal music library?

    Yes, you all can create your own music library with the Amazon Music for PC. This is true for single users and family plan users.
  • Do I need an Amazon Prime membership?

    Yes, an Amazon Prime membership is needed to make full use of the Amazon Music for PC software. If you have signed up for a family plan, then only the main account holder needs to be a Prime member.
  • Do I really need to be on the Echo plan to listen to my Echo Dot or Amazon Echo?

    The Amazon Music Unlimited (Amazon Music for PC) subscriptions work on the Amazon Echo and so does Prime Music. The Echo plan is really for people who just want to use a single Amazon Echo to listen to there music, and who are not interested in using other devices to listen to music.
  • How do I start my free trial for to use the Echo Plan?

    To start your free trail all you need to do is start with ask your Echo Dot, Amazon Echo or Alexa. “Alexa, try Amazon Music Unlimited”. If you download the Amazon Music for PC program, then you will not need the Echo plan in order to use the music service on your PC.


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